MODLOFT Mulberry Nightstand

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Too many times this happens and is never spoken. WOMEN UNITE!

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How childish and ridiculous for any company that even remotely supposed to be professional. It makes me angry to hear it when any larger corporation takes advantage of the little Guy.

Tony & Cheri's PlayaZone

There is a lot of talk in the news these days about the difficulties facing small business owners around the world. Nowhere are these difficulties felt as deeply as in the travel industry. The rapid growth of the control of travel by big business with its multi-billion-dollar internet and advertising power has caused many small travel business owners to be pushed aside. As a result the consumer ends up with limited access to travel choices while the Mom and Pop hotel or tour or shop ends up on the brink of extinction. We know this firsthand, as we are one of those small businesses being unfairly crushed under the weight of travel industry giant Expedia. In fact we think Expedia is trying to put us, and small independent businesses like ours, out of business. And here’s why:

Expedia and its many affiliates, including and, invite people to come…

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Patent office strikes blow against “Steve Jobs patent” for smart phone swipes

I am so glad went with an AndroidB-)


In a surprise ruling, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has declared that one of the crown jewels in Apple’s (s aapl) patent empire is flawed.

In a ruling dated last week, the USPTO held that all 20 claims for US Patent 7,479,949, — which covers the simple swipe and tap gestures used to operate a smartphone — are invalid. Apple successfully wielded the patent, nicknamed “the Steve Jobs patent,” in a major case against rival Samsung this summer.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, for starters, note that the patent is far from finished. Last week’s ruling is part of a re-examination request — a proceeding where the patent office must second-guess itself. Under USPTO rules, the office provides an initial answer and then gives the patent owner a chance to respond — if the response fails, the re-exam is final and the patent is no good…

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